Quality Management Developers

QQMD is one of Egyptian's Fastest Growing Healthcare Operation , Economic & Quality Management Company

Turning Quality Into Reality.

Proposal Competitive Positioning

QMD is positioning this proposal as a highly differentiated one; Differentiation comes in methodology, components, contents, operation management as well as the pool of qualifications and experience of the QMD consulting team.

Cost effectiveness is another perspective for the differentiation of this proposal; moreover many essentials will be provided cost free as integral components of this proposal.

QMD based its solid positioning on the following factual strengths:
-  Highly professional young age consulting team with diversified backgrounds that include Physicians, pharmacists, nurses and administrative healthcare professionals as well as their unique pool of qualifications and experience
QMD consulting team success stories include:
-    Joint Commission international Accreditation – Hospital Program for "As-Salam International Hospital"; the largest tertiary care hospital in Egypt.
-   The first and the only healthcare quality provided practical training in the MENA region, designed specifically to train healthcare quality professional with quality credentials as TQM AUC diploma (not fresh field candidates); it's a custom tailored training program based on real hospital needs, cover all hospital functions; it's main aim to turn quality into reality
-   "Build and Run Quality management system in your hospital" Textbook
ISBN: 978-977-5029-67-6 April 2012
"A text book that had been tailored according to Egyptian market needs, here you will know strategies that really worked to turn quality into reality".
           -   Organizational wide server based quality management system Data Base
           -   ISO 9001:2008 Preparation, Certification and Re certification for "As-Salam International Hospital"
           -   Development of many innovative tools and models such as a unique Risk ManagementModel, aManagerialEvaluation Matrix with structured and functional inputs, an organizational wide Customer Satisfaction Index measurement and analysis framework and tool, Departmental Work Performance Index framework with monthly and annual modules; these innovative and creative capabilities and outcomes are an evidenced guarantee for the team perseverance of the team to achieve its stated goals and objectives whatever were the organizational resistance barriers or the obstacles
           -   Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (HQCC)
           -   Hospital Management Diploma (AUC)
           -   The Egyptian Fellowship of Hospital Management
           -   Master in Quality Management (AAST)
           -   Total Quality Management Diploma (AUC)
           -   Quality Management Diploma (AAST)
           -   ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditing Certification
           -   Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
           -   OSHA – general industry safety and health
           -   Infection Control Diploma (NTI)
           -   Access professional Certification (YAT)