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Problems commonly encountered during the Audit reporting and closure stage 1/1 Lack of Response or Inadequate Response Sometimes an auditee will fail to take the action specified in the corrective action plan. The auditee may fail to notify the auditing organization when action is taken, or the action taken may lose sight of the original intent of the corrective action request and address a different issue. At times, an auditee may not understand what a standard says or means and may argue the issue\s importance or relevance. As a result, an auditee may try to fix problem haphazardly without understanding the need for action or training. Sometimes the person involved in the audit and may not have all the needed information. An auditee may try to pit one audit team against another and argue that the other audit team had no finding in a certain area. ,,

The ASQ auditing handbook, forth edition, J.PRussell, editor, Chapter 9, Part IID, Pg 130 &131.