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Accreditation Preparation Activities

  • Components:

      As per the Gap Analysis Report as well as the training needs assessment; the accreditation preparation includesthe following:

Hospital wide Committees

  • Hospital wide Committees structure & reporting system.
  • Establish Terms of references for every committee.
    • Committees terms of reference, purpose awareness& orientation
    • Prepare Documents & templates.
    • Decisions follow-up cycle design.
    • Committees effectiveness evaluation

Policies & Procedures

  • Policy formulation campaign
  • Training on policy and procedure making
  • Structure of general medical policy and procedure
    • Departmental specific policy and procedure

Documentation system

  • Documentation Management Policy
  • Organizational charts
  • Job descriptions
  • Departmental manuals
  • Documentation control system
    • Archiving system

Dashboard "Key performance indicators"

  • Indicators IDs
  • Design of information flow cycle "reporting, decisions, follow-up,"
    • Indicators benchmarking

Customer Satisfaction index

  • Creation of data collection tools for inpatient, outpatient, ER, insurance companies
  • Design of information flow cycle "Collection, reporting, decisions, follow-up,"
    • Training of data collector

Risk management & Incident reporting systems

  • Risk management system
  • Incident reporting system "Form, design of information flow cycle"
  • Root Cause analysis system
    • Other risk management functions

Medication management and use

  • Development of the pharmaceutical services scope of service , the reporting structure and organizational formulary
  • Review Medication Storage Conditions
  • Establish Medication Sheet Documentation Guideline
  • Establishing a system for dispensing the medications in a proper Methodology
  • Developing a standard medication administration process
    • Developing a medication error reporting system

Surgical and anesthesia

  • Check The Compliance of Operating Theater with The Infection Control Guidelines and JCI requirements.
  • Implement the optimum utilization management program inside the operating theater.
  • Ensuring Safe Anesthesia Care of the patients.
  • Ensuring a safe Surgical Care of Patients:

Nursing SOPs

  • Documentation and implementation know how

Medical record system

  • Medical record system implementation and review process
  • Establish Medical Record Manual
  • Medical Record Review Committee
  • Standardization of Medical Forms
  • Medical record auditing system implementation
    • Health statistics (KPIs)

Patient Family Rights Module


  • Maintain compliance with FR Standard
  • PFR Policy
  • PFR Committee
    • Hospital Staff Awareness

International Patient safety Goals Module

  • Establish Patient safety culture
  • Establish effective IPSGs implementation system
  • IPSGs auditing system
  • IPSGs measurement, analysis and Improvement

Clinical Pathway Implementation

  • Reduce Variation of healthcare through Clinical Pathway
  • Building Clinical Pathway system.
    • Maintaining the system