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Professional Certificate in Healthcare Economic and Logistical Accreditation Procedures(PELAC)

الشهادة الاحترافية اللوجستيه فى أساليب اعتماد المستشفيات و اقتصاديات القطاع الصحي

About the Program:

Health care differs from other industries in important ways as the output of the health care industry is unpredictable and imperfectly understood by consumers. The ultimate output of medical care is its effect on health. This major uncertainty leads to demand for control and guides to the use of resources throughout the health economy. Nowadays, the economics of quality management in healthcare have changed substantially as adopting quality principals in the medical care leads to less expensive care, more efficient, less wasteful. However, health care leaders and professionals are focusing on quality and patient safety in ways they never have before.

Goals of the program:

  • Help the healthcare organizations to improve and achieve business success and safe healthcare practice through health economy.
  • Help healthcare providers to have the necessary level of experience & training that enable them to adopt quality principals in the medical care
  • Help healthcare providers who need to improve healthcare service and don't know where to start as well as it aims to understand how to plan, implement and monitor the critical functions in the hospital
  • Help healthcare providers to understand statistical process control on Minitab and its applications in healthcare

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121 Al Twfeek str. Al Tawfeek city, Nasr city, Cairo, Egypt- 2nd floor apartment 21